Upcoming Conferences

  • Education with Technology Conferentie

    October 25-27, 2022

  • TBA
    Mini conference 2023

The possibility to gain and share knowledge

Center for Digital Learning, is a department of the Univserity of Curaçao dr. Moises da Costa Gomez, that stands for innovation in technology within the educational field.  

With the focus on this specialism, the University of Curacao organizes several conferences a year. The Education with Technology conference is one of the largest conferences that usually takes place in October. At this conference you will learn from the best professionals in the educational field about their expertise via interactive sessions, workshops and presentations.  

Important subjects at the Education with Technology conference, will receive extra attention at the Miniconference. 

Besides the Education with Technology conference and Miniconference, CDL also organizes a Maths conference. Experts in this field share their expertise and knowledge with interactive sessions, workshops and presentations. 
Due to Covid-19 all conferences take place online. 


  • Teaching online
  • Online learning and learners
  • Learner engagement
  • Cybersecurity aspects in education
  • Mobile Learning and flexibility
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Online assessment tools
  • Using recordings in education
  • Legal aspects of online resources in education
  • Impact of online education on live of learners, parents, educators and community
  • 21st Century skills and Media Knowledge
  • Open Source solutions and resources for Education
  • Which technology best fits your content and objectives
  • Lesson plan and preparing for online education
  • Development and accessibility of local digital resources
  • Technical issues during online education
  • Etc.


By applying technology in the educational activities, it becomes possible to offer different forms of online education, like blended learning and e-learnings. Technology offers plenty of possibilities to reach a bigger audience and together with partners we can use local educational activities and processes. 

With the Education with Technology Conferences, the University of Curacao, will contribute to development and innovation within education. This is made possible by local- and international experts who share their knowledge, experience and expertise at the conferences.