Spreker / Presenter: Bonnie Benesh
Taal / Language: Engels
Organisatie / Organization: ThinkToDo Institute
Locatie / Room: Q2.03

In this session we will discuss the policies necessary for the effective adoption of 21st Skills Schools.

“Thinking Schools, Learning Nation”, “Learning for Life”,  “Life-long learning”.

These are not just phrases.  These are deeply held beliefs about the role of schools in the 21st Century.   It began 20 years ago..  and could only come to life and be sustained in the policies, structures and actions related to teaching and learning…. It began In a small island nation that led them to be a first world nation. 

Let’s discuss the importance of policy setting and policy compliance needed to create a 21st Century Education System.  Policy initiatives are critical to institutional reform.  We will discuss the policies for the 21st Century Skills to be realized:  21st Century Skills Curriculum, Educational Funding, Universal Basic Education, Teacher Education, Enabling Environments, Organizational Structures.

Policies must enable the vision:

  • In Every Domain of Learning; In Every School;
  • At Every Stage of the Learning Journey;
  • Whatever the Starting Point; To Create a Better Future Together.

The assessment:  What you measure is what you get! Assessment and accountability regimes must be articulated in learning and innovation policies.


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Naam event
1.3.3 The policies necessary for the effective adoption of 21st Skills Schools
di 28 maart 2023 16:00 – 16:45
Online en bij de Universiteit van Curaçao
16:00 - 16:45
Toekomstbestendig onderwijs in Nederland, Curaçao en Suriname

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Met de International Conference on Innovation in Education wil de UoC een trekker zijn en bijdrage leveren aan de moderne  ontwikkelingen en innovaties binnen het onderwijs door lokale -en internationale experts kennis, ervaring en best practices met elkaar te laten delen.

"International Conference on Innovation in Education 2023" 

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